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Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Look up here, he's in heaven

Last week, David Bowie had his 69th birthday and released his last good song, "Lazarus", on youtube on video. On Monday I snarked with a "Suffragette City" ref. Without thinking. Bowie refs are just that easy to me...

I found out about his death yesterday morning. Trust me, I am still in shock.

What I can say now is that about 90% of my record-collection wouldn't exist if not for him. My taste leans toward the "post punk", 'tis true - perhaps with the slightest hint of teh ghey. But even if it didn't lean that way, anyone else would find it hard to avoid Bowie's influence. From Iggy Pop to Joy Division to Marilyn Manson to Lady freakin' Gaga, there was something in Bowie's work for everyone.

Rest in peace, starman.

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