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Wednesday, January 06, 2016

Köln, pro- and anti-

They rapin' er'body out here, says the mayor of that Rhineland Roman colonia; so hide yo kids, hide yo wife.

We Europeans (and Jews) are increasingly being forced to take a side. Seven years ago, I took the other side.

For an aspie, this was the clear side to take: Pro Köln was fascist, so those who supported them supported fascists. If you were an overt fascist supporter, like those who contribute to the Daily Stormer: I might not like you, but I could at least respect you. If you put yourself out as non-fascist, though: clarification was needed.

I must observe of the current mayor of Köln that she is not a member of Pro Köln. Thus far, I observe she has been behaving most anti Köln. If you live there, and more so if your family-line traces back to the Roman days, you need somebody in charge who has your interests.

Sooner or later the indigenous people of this city will have to join Pro Köln or something like it, just not to lose the city. Ultimately Europe belongs to Europeans.

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