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Saturday, August 08, 2015

Divine-right monarchies are helpless before God

Jordan is an Islamic country. It goes further than that: its political structure is monarchic.

Any king rules because the commonly-accepted God has set the king upon the throne. The sovereign who rules otherwise is not a king; such a ruler would be classed as a strongman, Sumerian lugal.

Since the people of Jordan mostly profess Islam for their religion, the king must rely upon Islam to stay on as king. And if the people demand more Islam, the king must grant it.

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The Jewish state and orthodox Christianity

Judaism does not insist that other nations become Jews. It also does not lay claim to territory, beyond the land of the old Canaanites; and maybe not even to all of that. (Freeing up Lebanon and Gaza, sporadically.) Judaism does however insist upon a minimum of Jewish law within the Jewish state - these are the Noachide laws.

One of the stronger such laws is the ban against idolatry. A symbol like the Christian cross might be allowable. The crucifix bears Jesus's image. Such is the logic of Judaism which Lehava is trying to enact.

Pace Vox Day, Christianity in its Protestant form might be tolerable in the promised Eretz. I would, however, be worried for the Catholic and Orthodox expressions of the faith there. As for mosques, as long as the Black Stone sits in the qibla's focus, the same must apply.

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Thursday, August 06, 2015

Orphan Black

So far we've had the awesome gay best friend / foster brother; the creepy brainwashed Christian nun who mortifies her own flesh; and - just now - a long lecture about how awful the Thatcher years were. (Remember that I lived there, albeit toward the end of her tenure.) There's also lots of nonmarital sex. There is a married couple but their relationship is portrayed as hypocritical and superficial. The saintly foster-mum, who delivered that stupid lecture, further reveals how she helped sneak in illegal migrants.

So far this show is grating my nerves something fierce. Good thing I borrowed it from a library and didn't pay for it.

UPDATE 7:30 PM: Oh look, one of the "clones" is a homosexual, despite that she was born with the same DNA as a bunch of women who like the cock (a lot). Nurture over nature! Yeah, I'm done with this tripe. Back to DS9.

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The road to Szechuan

Khazaria has lots more on M33c. For one thing he gives us a map. For another thing he notes they're only 1.8% of the sample even in south China.

When M33c entered south China, south China was already full of Tibeto-Burmese... and of proto-Hmong, and of proto-Thai. M33 came from eastern India and western Burma, Munda territory today. M33c, then, was likely a migrant group of "Australasians". I don't believe there are any of these left in Hunan who assert their identity against all the other groups. Guangxi might have the Bolyu; the related Mang identify as recently immigrant.

The M33c's had entered a south China as a tolerated(?) minority population from the start. The incursions of Han Chinese would only have diluted their influence further.

After a long stint in the Hunan / Guangxi region, some of the M33c's spread to Szechuan. My ancestrix jumped off from there.

UPDATE 6/10/2017: The Chama Road.

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Tuesday, August 04, 2015


Here is a megastructure off the coast of Sicily.

The paper lays claim to 10,000 BC... without irony. I'm fond of saying that human nature doesn't change much, and that "if it happened now it also happened then", but that's a bit much. I think I'll side with the skeptics for now.

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Amy Schumer, coward

Amy Schumer really, really doesn't want right-wing-nutters to give her money. That's my takeaway from this.

I'm happy to oblige. I'll remember this when the DVD drops (into the bargain-bin).

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I signed up at 23andme last June; and I got the results on Sunday afternoon. I've been doing some research on them since. Here's the latest word on my "Jewish" ancestry - A genetic contribution from the Far East into Ashkenazi Jews via the ancient Silk Road:

Contemporary Jews retain a genetic imprint from their Near Eastern ancestry, but obtained substantial genetic components from their neighboring populations during their history. Whether they received any genetic contribution from the Far East remains unknown, but frequent communication with the Chinese has been observed since the Silk Road period. To address this issue, mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) variation from 55,595 Eurasians are analyzed. The existence of some eastern Eurasian haplotypes in eastern Ashkenazi Jews supports an East Asian genetic contribution, likely from Chinese. Further evidence indicates that this connection can be attributed to a gene flow event that occurred less than 1.4 kilo-years ago (kya), which falls within the time frame of the Silk Road scenario and fits well with historical records and archaeological discoveries. This observed genetic contribution from Chinese to Ashkenazi Jews demonstrates that the historical exchange between Ashkenazim and the Far East was not confined to the cultural sphere but also extended to an exchange of genes.

(Or, for a video summary, here.)

M33 began in India; about 8000 BC, her branch M33c spread around southern China and parts of Thailand. Meanwhile the Chinese were pushing southward, and imposed their language and culture upon that region. In the 600s AD, Emperor Taizong of the Tang smashed the Eastern Turks and his successors conquered deep into Turkestan. This opened up that part of the Silk Road to trade and colonisation. The various tribes along the other - western - side of the Silk Road took that opportunity to overthrow their own Turks: of which history records the Avars (and Slavs), Bulgars, and Khazars.

It was no earlier than the Tang victory that my ancestrix's clan struck out to make a living on the Silk Road. There they met up with western tradesmen. The M33c clan married into a clan who, now, practice Ashkenazic Judaism.

M33c is vanishingly rare outside the Ashkenazim and the Chinese. If those westerners who had adopted my M33c ancestrix were generic Khazars, I'd expect they would have deposited more M33c daughters along the Astrakhan shore. It seems to me most economical that my ancestrix married into traders who were already Jewish at the time.

Which is not to say that the Khazar state wasn't important. It remained for centuries a bulwark against invaders from abroad and pogroms at home. M33c's Jewish husbands could use the Khazaria. Given that these men maintained strength enough to raise up daughters, which is never easy, they may well have invested their wealth into building Khazaria in the first place.

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Monday, August 03, 2015

Cecil died for your sins

What this is about is gun "control", that is banning the recreational use of, and ultimately any use of, firearms by independent citizens.

If the SJWs can work themselves up against hunters of lions and giraffes over there, they can work themselves up against hunters of elk and moose over here.

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Sunday, August 02, 2015

Why the world needs betas

Bernard Sumner over the 1980s, early 1990s, and mid 2000s was the captain of not one but two seaworthy vessels that conquered all before them. (Link to the last one. I bought it soon after that.) "New Order" have a single out now: Restless. Check it out. ... and weep.

It's not New Order, and it's not Electronic. This is what Sumner sounds like when he doesn't have a more-talented crewman on hand. This is a ship with a captain and a crew... and no executive-officer.

If this is the best song on the upcoming album, the critics are already thinking what I'm thinking... "Weekend At Bernie's". It's dead already and the fans are hoping no-one notices.

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Light-eyed Umayyads

Here's a fine Kristina Richardson article (h/t Zeca) on El Zarco. Apparently the creepiness of blue eyes wasn't just from A Swiftly Tilting Planet or, for that matter, Dune but had previously made an appearance in The Tempest. But the Arabs meant by azraq, "sparkly"; like early New Order, the early Arabs couldn't make out the differences.

Mas'udi might have been struggling toward it. His Tanbih states that northern Europeans (that is, not me) were so abyad pale that they approached azraq. De Vaux (tr. 38-9) interpreted this as so translucently white that veins were showing. (H/t Bernard Lewis.) Normally Arabs associated us northerners (and Iranians) with red, ahmar; see Suliman Bashear's Arabs and Others.

Richardson notes that the poetry has strongly associated Umayyads with zarq in the eyes. I can lodge an additional note that so did apocalyptic: David Cook, Muslim Apocalyptic, 43. One of the relevant prophecies (Nu'aym's) had been translated thusly by Wilferd Madelung in "Apocalyptic Prophecies", 148:

When Marwan b. al-Hakam was born, he was presented to the Prophet that he might pray for him, but he declined to do so. Then he said: 'The son of the blue-eyed woman (ibn al-zarqâ'), the perdition of most of my community will be through his hands and the hands of his offspring.'

For the identity of this Zarqâ'î, the Tradition flags Marwan bin Muhammad also-titled al-Ahmar (as aforementioned, the Red), al-'Abbas bin al-Walid and pretty much all the Spanish Umayyads. I'd seen reference to some of this before, but had forgotten it.

The Umayyads came to acquire this phenotype because, as they say, gentlemen prefer blondes. If you attend a Mawsili slave-market (and, why wouldn't you) then you'll see plenty.

I think this was later, though. It really wasn't all that common for the earlier generations of Umayyad princes to be born of slave-girls. In fact that was often part of the Umayyads' problems.

First there were those palace-intrigues. As Marwan the Elder learnt, you weren't able to promote one branch of the family without being (literally) suffocated by the women in the other. His son 'Abd al-Malik had better luck with his suffocatrix's daughter 'Âtika. But then there were those dust-ups over which prince's "turn" it was to take over: 'Abd al-'Aziz, or his son; or al-Walid, or...

And then... well, inbreeding. The same sources which note the later Umayyads' light eyes also note Yazid II, for having buckteeth (Richardson p. 22). His mother 'Âtika was - like 'Abd al-Malik - an Umayyad herself. She was daughter of Yazid I, hence Yazid II's own given name. Yazid himself was remembered as half-mad as well. Yazid II only became caliph in the first place because his brother was sickly as a child.

It was later on that the Umayyads had trouble keeping it in the, er, family. So you got princes like Yazid bin al-Walid - rather walad al-Walîd, wa Shâh-i Âfarîd. If the latter doesn't read to you like an Arab name then congratulations.

So I don't think the Tradition means all the early Umayyads as zarco (and I must interject that Richardson probably knows this and didn't intend otherwise!). Which is not to rule out a later 'Abbasi / Shi'a slur against the dynasty, based on the later Umayyads.

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Nobody has seen Rebel Without A Cause

According to Hardeep Matharu at the Independent, 'cool teens' - made popular in films by characters such as James Dean in Rebel Without A Cause blah blah something something.

Some blame must go to Rebel itself, whose producers stuck a name to the feature that didn't fit Dean's character Jim Stark. More blame goes to the film's age - back then, people liked to hear blaring soundtracks and didn't mind that characters spoke in stilted, theatrical dialogue; older films might seem like period-dramas to us, but they're not period-dramas. And we can't expect a Brit(?) with a name like Hardeep Matharu to be steeped in California Anglo culture. (One imagines that an Hector Martinez might have at least tried.)

I must, therefore, explain a few things to Matharu here.

The point of Rebel was that these teens had been abandoned, or at least weakly parented; and had created their own society, which - boys being boys - looked a lot like gangland. Jim Stark was just about to prove himself to that society when a bloody accident happened. In the aftermath the gang tried to shut him up. By this point Stark had made some real friends, a girl and a freshman; and sort-of rediscovered another bond that males create, in this case the nuclear family.

Jim Stark wasn't ever 'cool', to the extent 'cool' means 'popular' or even 'tolerated'. He was trying to be 'cool', I guess, but that didn't work out; after that, events drive him into a somewhat-literal corner. (And by the way Stark wasn't rebelling against anything, either.)

The funniest part is that the movie did, in fact, feature 'cool kids'; but Matharu couldn't keep himself from dropping James Dean's name, who played, exactly, the outsider. Matharu did it because he wants his audience to think he's seen a movie that he clearly hasn't. In short, he tries too hard to be cool. Allow me to show him to his table.

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