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Thursday, December 24, 2015

Working around secdrv.sys

Microsoft cannot just force secdrv.sys into a "return true;" function.

The various EA apps were working with secdrv.sys's original developer - Macrovision - to ensure that a lot of deep-down gut-level PC information was proffered up. (Alice for one read from the CD-ROM.) That means that every app will make its own call to secdrv.sys, and will expect customised data from its respective call.

So - Microsoft reasons - secdrv.sys is a lost cause, and we are all better off without it. As for restoring secdrv.sys to the system directory and forcing Windows to use it (by "digitally signing", I guess) - no, y'all don't get to poke such holes into that security-wall which Microsoft has built for Windows. And I have to say at this point: I agree with Microsoft.

The files to crack are the files that call secdrv.sys. I assume that Alice's file is drvmgt.dll. UPDATE: Yeah, but... drvmgt isn't the whole story. Given the filesize of its copy of secdrv, I'd say we have here a "Safedisc 2" app. So a lot of the logic is inside the alice.exe.

Here's an interesting article on how SafeDisc 2 works. There's a Safedisc 2 Cleaner, but it crashes Alice with Unable to get initial keys! under Windows 10.

I repeat: please do not use this information to pirate games. This information is linked here to play games you already own.

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