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Thursday, December 31, 2015

Why Kylo Ren turned

In the Abrams Star Wars, Kylo Ren bin Leia bint Anakin is a right bastard. But first, perhaps, his father Han Solo made Kylo Ren feel like a bastard.

Unfortunately we're not being given Kylo's story. As critics are now admitting - his story thus far has been told from the outside, in a movie that sucks. BTW here is more on why Lucas was right, but I am digressing.

When fathers aren't around or otherwise fail, their sons get warped. Today in a strange fit of synchronicity I found out about David Asimov - h/t Vox Day. And given how Abrams' own universe acts so ashamed of having heroes that look like - well, like me, or like Abrams himself - I cannot see how that universe offers anything for the heroes' next generation, who also look like Abrams, besides free access to Ewok pr0n.

The Sith offer an alternate universe. It might not be a nice universe. But it's a better universe for Kylo Ren.

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