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Monday, December 14, 2015

Why Boyega?

I can think of many reasons that the Poet Lauriate of the New Western World, JJ Abrams, has cast Boyega as the new Jedi Hope. (For now. He won't last.)

In the particular case of the director, JJ Abrams is Jewish. Such men have a shiksa-fetish. When such men get into Hollywood, they do stuff like Princess Bride.

But that's not enough, not really. I am hardly going to complain about a hankering for shiksas myself, G-d knows. But I'd rather the guy who gets the white girl look more like... well, like some vaguely Central European guy who shares genes with Berbers, Semites and Central Asians. So: why choose Boyega as your Marty-Stu standin? - Unless, that is - that he's not the point.

To that end, in this brave new world, the only reason blacks even exist is to enable leftists to signal their virtue.

And then there's the premenopausal larval-stage of those childless women on your block who go on to feed the stray cats.

Lawrence Auster knew the imagery. Boyega has Taken A Stand. He is authentic. He is symbolic.

Boyega is Jedi Obama.

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