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Sunday, December 27, 2015


Zeca directs us to the work of Frank Griffel. In particular he points to Griffel's refutation against Robert R. Reilly, Closing of the Muslim Mind.

My primary focus has been on early Islamic history and its intersection with Qur'anic studies, and my secondary focus is on Qur'anic commentary - tafsir and translation. I have done some stuff with hadith and fiqh as well. I first dared moot the Islamic "Christology" publicly less than a year ago. Besides all that, I haven't even found much on Islamic theology and philosophy prior to the 'Abbasids. That's where Reilly and Griffel come in. So my studies of these have taken a far back seat. All this means I cannot defend Reilly nor can I oppose Griffel, on their merits. Except to repeat that the "Closing of the ... Mind" title is gay.

I can, however, call foul on Griffel insinuating that Reilly is an "Orientalist" and a "racist". Someone else could turn around and call Griffel "unhelpful to his own people", maybe "dhimmi".

I suppose Griffel's act of rhetoric, "war literature" as he terms it when people he doesn't like do it, might be more effective against Reilly than a real Western nationalist's counters would work against Griffel. But that's only by accident of Griffel's rhetoric being shared with Obama's. Suppose we had President Donald Trump - or President Jared Taylor, or President Pamela Geller or President Vladimir Putin; suppose they purged the civil-service and universities. How bravely would Griffel sling such insults around then?

Personally I don't care. One side is as good as the other from where I sit.

But I do take note of where scholars plant such virtue-signalling memes into ostensibly impartial reviews of opposing scholars' work. I judge the review accordingly.

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