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Saturday, December 12, 2015

Upload #121 - cabin fever

It's cold and snowy, so - I won't be roving far this weekend. Tinkering with the massive load of essays I have up seems like an appropriate use of my time.

"Return of the Shah" needed a patch-job, since I'd scaled back that last part of Throne of Glass. I also rediscovered the mun[a]fiq of Q. 3:17 - affecting the "Spenders" (sura 63) and the "Arabic" (Safaitic idiom) projects. And like I usually do after I post something new, I've spruced up "What Waits Beside These Roads" as well.

MORE: I made more sense of "Abd al-Razzaq at Rayy"; because "Allotments" relies on that tafsir, at least in scope of that project. And it had been over two years since I'd touched the former.

UPDATE 12/13: Also fixed / patched "Umayyad Theories of the Cross".


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