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Saturday, December 05, 2015

Upload #120 - Stay on these roads

I never could figure out if sura 34, on the House-of-David and Saba, was pro-monarchy or against it. I also couldn't figure out exactly where it belonged within "west Arabia", nor when it was composed more specifically than "before sura 25, probably".

Matters changed earlier this year when I found out about the Red Sea seasonal winds. That constrained its site of authorship... drastically. And I can also stick it after sura 41 in the authorial sequence (here, I'm ashamed I hadn't done it earlier).

I still have no clue where sura 34 sits politically. But now I'm thinking that was deliberate - the author was being sneaky. I think that thought will do at a pinch. After all, I'd posted that "Joseph" essay about sura 12 before I'd totally nailed it down. So: "What Waits Beside These Roads". I also had to scale back my ambitions for "Save Me From Heaven".


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