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Saturday, December 26, 2015

Two book reviews

Since I have had to deal with CS Lewis tonight, I have reposted two book-reviews relevant to Lewis that I wrote late summer 2000 and the following winter. They had resided upon my old SBCGlobal website. Yahoo shut all that down in the middle of 2011. This has led to dead links for instance here. And, er, here.

I was a strident secular-humanist back then, hostile to Christianity - and a SJW. This bled into the summer of 2002, as you can see from that last link. I am now more tolerant toward Christian doctrine... as you can see from the other link, toward autumn 2006. Which is why I've been slow to repost those old reviews.

But I must still reject specific arguments that Lewis and his acolytes had made. They weren't good then, they didn't ring true in 2001 and they are still annoying me today. Also, for those who care what I think personally (whether or not you should), these essays can be read as snapshots into my thought-process, going back before I started this blog in earnest.

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