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Saturday, December 12, 2015

The Correspondence keeps getting dated to 720 AD

Correspondence of Leo and 'Umar claims to date to the reign of, er, Leo and 'Umar - the late 710s AD. Some scholars, like Arthur Jeffery and then Robert Hoyland, have argued that it is a later composite.

I'd argued (perhaps not well) in "The Scriptures of Abû Turâb": The Christian apologist in the Correspondence has inherited a more primitive Umayyad critique of ʿAlî - in comparison to the more-careful swipes against ʿAlî's family, which Zuhrî put out under Caliph Hishâm. (The Umayyads raised contemporary complaints about the codex of Ibn Masʿûd; the Correspondence omits these, so I didn't discuss them there.) My essay constrained the anti-ʿAlî part of the work prior to that Caliph. Which is all my work cared about, at the time - since I was going to deal with possible Shîʿite (and Masʿûdî) variants in later essays. Wherever I cite the Correspondence for any other reason, like on topic of the Black(?) Stone, it's in the style of Neo-Weasel Impressionism.

But now braver souls are discussing the whole thing. To that, we (well, Ian Morris's readers) have two essays arguing for the circa 720 AD date - independent of me (not a surprise) and independent of each other (more to the point): Greenwood and Palombo.

Those two disagree on the important question of what freakin' language the original was in. (As noted I have consistently ducked out of any debate over the whole text.) They know the language was not Armenian or Latin. Beyond that, Greenwood says Greek and Palombo says Arabic.

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