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Thursday, December 24, 2015

Stuff that (still) works in Windows 10

Dungeon Siege 1. This is a huge deal, given that that particular game doubles as "the Ultima 5 (Lazarus) runtime". That latter project's website seems to be down right now... but, I did manage to put that much on a CD-ROM in 2006ish (just before moving to that first horrible HP, the Vista one). And of course I still have my legal copy of the original. Mind, there's a patch. You need that patch to run Ultima. Fortunately, this patch I also had on that CD-ROM.

Anything DOS. I can DOSBOX Torin's Passage, the original Ultima 5, Alien Legacy... I expect, Starflight, as well.

FreeSpace 2. I installed this so I could install FSOpen over that, so I could play the port for FreeSpace 1. I'll have more on that later...

After all this, I move on to Ur-Quan Masters.

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