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Friday, December 04, 2015

Star Wars VII: The Cuckolds Hand It Off

What I see in the trailers from JJ Abrams' "next generation" is a black dude and a white girl as the protagonists; the big bad guy, meanwhile, is swingin' a big flamin' red cross. The decent white guy, Han Solo, is there to mentor the black dude and to pray, one expects, that the latter doesn't do this.

I very much doubt that any of Abrams' symbolism is accidental. This man is a liberal Jew. Those sorts of Jew don't ever see a cross without imagining it on fire on their lawns. And in their fear, they lash out. For Hollywood types, this means movies that browbeat European-descended Christians to admit how evil they are.

As for the SW franchise outside of this, here ya go.

I can get insulted and emasculated elsewhere, thank you. I've not bothered with any SW in about a decade and I cannot see here anything to pull me back in.

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