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Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Reviews Without Flavor-Aid

The first true review of That Movie that Rotten Tomatoes has linked is Rubin Safaya's. This review is still the best. Safaya points out, all Abrams' storytelling flaws are on display. If you are a "Red Letter Media" kinda guy, or gal, read that review first. (If you get easily "triggered", read that instead.)

Elsewhere, here's the main problem I have with That Movie - it doesn't tell its own story. Ryan Gilbey says Abrams has deliberately played it safe. Matthew Lickona goes further and calls plagiarism.

This means the only critic who can explain this movie is a redaction-critic. Roger Moore explains why the movie has done what it has done: The universe has gotten a lot more diverse in the decades since we first visited “A galaxy far far away.” And less sexist. This glib facsimile exists not to develop the Star Wars franchise, but to press it into service of Abrams' tikkun olam perversion - Social Justice.

Oh, and Han bites it. In ye olde pre-Abrams universe, Han mattered; so Chewie bit it first.

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