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Sunday, December 27, 2015

Please stop quoting scholars from the UAE

Two of the scholars interviewed by the BBC on behalf of its completely-voluntary licence-fee payers are Jamal bin Huwareib and Joseph Lumbard.

Ibn Huwareib is touting that "Abu Bakr" theory; one so ludicrous even other Muslims can't support it. Joseph Lumbard would not discount it. Lumbard repeats that mantra thrice. That particular individual would not personally discount that the Moon itself has a crack-mark down the middle datable to 622 AD.

Ibn Huwareib is managing director of the Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Foundation, an education foundation set up by the ruler of the United Arab Emirates. Lumbard works at Sharjah, one of those Emirates.

The UAE is an Islamist institution which, as of 2001, was one of a VERY few nations that recognised the Taliban as Afghanistan's sovereign. The UAE has a vested interest in da'wa, and it directs funds accordingly.

These two men Ibn Huwareib and Lumbard are hollow-men, puppets, mouthpieces. If they are to be interviewed, they are to be interviewed for the Sharjah party line. They have no free will; but, to be fair, they don't even believe in free will.

The BBC seems to have very little of that free will itself.

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