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Thursday, December 24, 2015

Latest translation-project: Paul Casanova

About eight days ago I went looking for a link to Paul Casanova's Mohammed et la fin du monde. And what do you know, but I found one.

This document is still in French. It doesn't have the second half of its "complementary notes". Over what we have, the PDF isn't in machine-readable format.

Some excerpts of English translation, by other scholars, do exist. The largest excerpt comes to us from Ibn Warraq in 2007; he then mooted I hope to publish extracts in English in an anthology in the near future. However, as far as I know, no such publication has yet happened. "It's 2015." To borrow a phrase.

So, as with Frank-Kamenetzky and Schulthess, I shall translate this myself - "for mine own use", at first.

I have downloaded the PDF of scanned images; on 18 December I ran FreeOCR on it all (under the French setting); and since then - over the main text, up to page 86 - I have cleaned up the mistakes which mechanical OCR processes always make with scanned images of old documents. I am using Word's French spellchecker here and OpenOffice's on my laptop. Between them they are catching a lot of the problematics, especially with all those weird accents which French uses.

The actual translation-process should go more smoothly this time, given that I actually did study French in high-school.

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