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Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Kelli Ward

It's been six years, so Senators have to run for election. In Arizona, John "Keating Five" McCain is up. Kelli Ward is running against McCain in the primary.

Last time McCain was up, JD Hayworth ran against him; Hayworth wasn't a good candidate, and failed.

Ward doesn't seem to be like Hayworth so, there's that. The worry primary-voters should have is more the worry that Ward is like Nancy Mace. Mace was a clear phony, a Left entryist - as I noted at the time, and as others figured out. Mace didn't win in South Carolina. But elsewhere in the Southeast, Ellmers did win, and has voted accordingly.

Ward will need to reassure Arizona primary-voters that she is what she says she is.

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