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Saturday, December 26, 2015

How Christians do comparative religion

Righty Feep:

What strikes me about Christianity is that the Triune God seems to express the quantum nature of the universe. Defined in those terms, both Judaism and Islam see God from the outside, whereas Christianity sees God from the inside. The outside view of God held by the Jews is compatible with the inside view held by the Christians. The outside view of God held by the Moslems is not. Therefore, Christians and Jews apparently worship the same God, which is not the God Muslims worship.

That seems about right to me. Not that the Christians are right - that's not my place here. But Feep has accurately sketched out, in very few words, how Christians see the three "Abrahamic" religions' place within Christian theology. As witness I summon the shade of Marcion, who rejected the Old Testament, and ask him why Christians will not call him saint.

To the Christian - going back to John the Damascene - Islam is simply an error. As Feep hints, in the Qur'an's own language a people exist called mozlems: whose imams have led them into zulm, darkness and oppression.

Incidentally there are infinite layers to the Abyss; infinite ways to err. Feep would certainly lump Marcion with the Muslims. Probably the LDS too.

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