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Thursday, December 24, 2015

FSOpen in Windows 10

If you have FreeSpace 2, you can download a much better version of the game, and a sh!t-ton of mods including the first FreeSpace. I learnt all this from the Reaxxion site of blessed memory.

I couldn't just copy over my files. FSOpen requires that something called "OpenAL" be installed. You could run FreeSpaceOpenInstaller... but it's a .jar.

So: I installed Java first. Then, I downloaded FreeSpaceOpenInstaller.jar - which wouldn't doubleclick. So I opened a command-prompt, and ran java -jar FreeSpaceOpenInstaller.jar in that. OpenAL was the only product I wanted to download at this time.

The old launcher fails too in Windows 10. But there's a wxlauncher; so I installed that, and ran that instead.

Bada-bing. All my old files now work.

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