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Monday, December 21, 2015

Don't watch any Aardman either

So I just redboxed the new Aardman / Nick Park movie, "Shaun the Sheep". It was against my better judgement. I didn't like "Were-Rabbit" before it. At least I waited for Redbox.

I did love the original Gromit movies, and enjoyed "Chicken Run", and so I bought "Were-Rabbit" on DVD.

There was always something "off" about "Were-Rabbit". I didn't think much of its anti-hunting and, more so, anti-hunter message. There was something even more "off" about its sly winks about the Rabbit Nature and its relation to the increasing security culture in England. So are rabbits like... criminals? Should they be shunted off into Bantustans / reservations? If they are inherently incorrigible, are we supposed to let them keep breeding there - what if they run out of food? But never mind all that, let's all boo together in our Two Hour Hate against this strawman of a hunter.

"Shaun the Sheep" is similarly schizophrenic. Again we have hip hip hooray for rural little England. On the other hand, two fingers up at the people who help make (the real) England possible - and standing in for the hunter here, we are given the animal control officer "Trumper"; doing the best Inspecteur Javert impression that faux-claymation will allow.

At the end a smiling young white SWPL female renames the local pound the "animal protection centre". Well jolly good. After Miss Perky is gone the locals will still need to deal with Those Who Don't Fit In. They'll probably repurpose that very "protection centre"... for my cousins.

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