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Tuesday, December 01, 2015

Cystic fibrosis

23andme has opened up their medical side again. They told me I'm a carrier of a cystic fibrosis mutation; I assume ΔF508. I am mostly the north-european sort of whiteboy / Joo, so... it was that or some other burden - I guess. My dad's got the same mutation. I don't know about other relatives yet.

I do NOT have the full blown condition. What I do have, that I can think of, what might come from the half-dose: salty sweat, and sleep-apnea (mucosal), and a history of pneumoniae and other pulmonary / bronchial issues. The sleep-apnea sucks worst, especially up here in dry-and-low-oxygen Denver.

Some say that the CF mutation protects against dehydration. In soaking-wet northern Europe this wouldn't seem like a problem, so these people have gone on to suggest that it protects specifically against diarrhea. This was a big thing in lands without near-beer, like the Iraqis and Egyptians had. Not seeing the benefit to it here and now.

Overall, I'm glad to know I have this gene. What to do about it is another question. I do wish I'd known earlier.

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