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Saturday, December 26, 2015

Conquering Malacandra

Elon Musk is off to invade Mars.

This hat-tip is also from Wretchard. Wretchard concludes with some musings upon CS Lewis's classic work, Out of the Silent Planet. But Wretchard has not come to terms with that book's actual argument. (So I question whether he has even opened the other two books; but I must disclose that on that much, neither have I.)

In the book from which Wretchard has quoted, the angelic lord of Malacandra - its Oyarsa - presides over a community of dying races. Over the course of the tale this Oyarsa refuses the living race of our own "silent planet" to settle on it instead. My hobo good friend deemed this to be the worst of both worlds: selfish against us, and more to the point treacherous against his own charges. The Oyarsa should be leading his Malacandrans to exploit a truly dead world - Vesta, for a start, then on to Callisto.

Lewis does allow a pro-exploration sentient-being to present his argument. Unfortunately Lewis hands the mike to Weston, a thinly-veiled Wilson. So naturally Weston spouts a lot of rhetoric about Darwin and the right of more vibrant races to rule - which rhetoric is refuted at Malacandra, to the point of comedy, because Weston is not as strong there as is its Oyarsa. A fine denouement to that argument, but what of the others? That's just how Lewis rolls; he never walked past a roll of hay without wanting to craft a villain from it.

Humanity may yet travel and settle upon other worlds. Some of our first such pioneers were Christian. But I don't know which Christians today have it in them to get out of Luna's orbit. As CS Lewis has shown, the Protestants (including their bastard children, the liberals) pretend that they are too pious; and in their lack of will, they treat those who do have this will as criminals.

Additionally I'd say that the Catholics lack the acceptance of capital, which one needs in order to bankroll stuff that works. Also the Orthodox lack a vision of humanity as a people with a future, and the various Oriental churches lack - honestly, they have no future.

Or so it seems at present. Wretchard's denomination might do it. Perhaps if they read more books.

UPDATE 2/28: Read #2.

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