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Friday, December 25, 2015

Casanova is not without a sense of humour

Here is my translation of a tiny part of Paul Casanova et la fin du monde, 16:

Tabari (d. 310 AH) estimates the total duration of the Islamic era at five centuries, based on the following logic. The Quran says (22:47): “One day before your Lord is a thousand years by your reckoning.” Moreover, the Prophet said: “Compared to the existence of those who preceded you, yours is like the time between afternoon (asr) and sunset” and further “I have been sent at such a time that we two had, the hour and I, a span like these two (fingers),” and as he spoke, he pointed to his index and middle fingers. He had said equally: “The duration of this world will be as a week of the next world, which day is a thousand years.” It happens that the interval between the afternoon and sunset is a fourteenth of the day… the same amount as separates the middle finger from the index. The world having a total existence of seven thousand years, a fourteenth of that therefore yields: five hundred years left to live from the life of the Prophet.

Souheili (d. 531 AH) naturally could not accept such calculations...

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