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Friday, December 11, 2015

Are the Jesuits an Islamist fifth-column?

I ask in all seriousness. This particular Society member cannot be a Christian in any meaningful sense of the word.

As to his text, the Study Quran: it is a massive book, as has been mentioned elsewhere, and I haven't finished with it. (We may assume that our reviewer has done no such thing, himself.) I reviewed the introduction and editorial ethos here. I got unhappy with the lack of textual-variant discussion here; more so, here. And I fully endorse what Spencer said here. My ongoing impressions point to this book being a propagandum, not an honest interpretation.

So, back to this reviewer. If he were arguing in good faith, I'd expect him to show shame at what he has allowed into print. But he's a social-justice warrior; they never argue in good faith. We can write him off.

The question has to be put to the Society of Jesus: are they serious about the faith of Jesus, as the Apostles taught it? If the Society won't insist its authors support their own faith, I expect it at the least to instruct them not to propagandise for others'.

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