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Saturday, November 28, 2015

What to beware in Islamic Studies

It is my contention, especially given how far IQSA got dwarfed by the concurrent Society for Biblical Literature crowd, that IQSA needs all hands on deck. It needs more scholars, of whatever sex and race.

It was Kecia Ali's contention that it needs more females. It was Holger Zellentin's contention that it has enough people who look like him (now that he's got his?). Both positions are self-promoting and distracting. The IQSA-chair-elect Farid Esack was wholly on Kecia Ali's side. (On Esack's liberal-Islamic assumptions and hermeneutic, this essay still holds up.)

Pace Spencer on the field's main problem: I don't observe that the field is at risk of Islamic apologetics. I think the field's main upcoming problem is Left entryism, colloquially called "SJW"; under cover of (mainly) feminism.

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