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Saturday, November 28, 2015

The Study Qur'an?

Along the way at IQSA I did meet, sort-of, Joseph Lumbard. He's the Study Qur'an guy. The topic of his book did come up in his part of the roundtable, and he did address it. Lumbard was there to discuss the state of the field, and not to plug his book; and, to give him credit, he did concentrate on the former, and didn't dwell upon the latter.

Since I am big on that thesis / antithesis thing: Robert Spencer doesn't like Dr Lumbard much (the term arrogant and vapid puffball was used). Spencer's skeptical of Dr Lumbard's new Qur'an too.

I hadn't heard of the Study Qur'an at the time - I looked this up later. Since I haven't read this translation, and since I barely brushed by Dr Lumbard in person - I don't have an opinion. Yet.

UPDATE 11/30: Ugh. I must second that Lumbard is arrogant and intellectually vacuous; and add that he's antiscientific, lazy, and a bully.

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