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Monday, November 02, 2015

Roman Bernard, Napoleon XIV

I was in DC last weekend. There was a nationalist conference there at the time, National Policy Institute - I didn't attend it. The lads at CounterCurrents attended on my behalf, and delivered a report. In it, I see this:

Roman Bernard, a Frenchman, was the fifth speaker. I’m not entirely clear on Bernard’s credentials. He is a regular writer for the Radix Journal website and he mentioned being involved with political movements in France. Bernard discussed the current state of nationalism in Europe and emphasized the danger of merely being opposed to what is currently in place. Instead, nationalists must provide a vision of an alternative.

One of Bernard’s key points was that the opposition of many nationalists in Europe toward the European Union is wrong. His reasoning is that a pan-European identity is necessary for the long-term goals of Europeans. Presumably white Americans are included in the pan-European identity in this context, although Bernard seemed hesitant to use the term “white” as a descriptor. One of the interesting things he stated in the question and answer session that followed was that the purpose of this conference was to say that mass political parties, like the National Front in France, are useless. The implication in this statement might be that greater metapolitical transformation must occur before any practical nationalist political action can succeed.

CounterCurrents was put off by Bernard’s dismissal of "white" as an identifying marker. I think that CounterCurrents did not comprehend what nationalisme means in French.

Bernard as a Frenchman has a coast on the Mediterranean. Mediterraneans (and Central Asians) don't wholly identify as "white". (Certainly I never have. And I've a sight more reason than have some people.) Bernard was, however, proposing a pan-European entity that would be safe for whites (like Swedes) and for Mediterraneans. People in between would be best-positioned to run a pan-Europe... people like the French.

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