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Monday, November 02, 2015

Pan-European identity - the French can't do it

Thus spake Bernard: be pan-European; don't be pan-white. CounterCurrents sees this as incoherent. I'm going to agree with the gut-instinct of CounterCurrents, although I don't think Bernard's thesis is incoherent - I just think it's ill-thought-out.

Someone should present Bernard with the state ledgers for Portugal and Greece. A pan-European and French-directed government is already being tried and it has FAILED. French-directed pan-European government has ever been a short-term affair in Europe: Imperator Macsen, Charlemagne, Louis XIV, and Napoleon. For non-Frenchmen it boils down to this: few in Europe trust one another, but above all nobody trusts the French. If Americans want an analogue then consider Wilson.

I agree more with Bernard's recommendation for a pan-European (and pan-Mediterranean!) sense of solidarity. The Catholic Church was founded to meet exactly this need. Quite often it has even succeeded at it. I admit that today the Church needs better cardinals and - sorry to say - popes. Bernard should latch onto that, and should direct his future efforts into figuring that out.

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