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Saturday, November 07, 2015

Only racist fools trust Politico

Popular political website Politico goes full Steve Glass.

The last time I looked into Politico was four years ago. It was lying about a black Republican candidate then too.

Personally I'll admit: I don't (initially) trust black Rightists myself; I always start out wondering what's their angle. This does often help, as with Armstrong Williams and - indeed - with the people they "advise".

But I at least try to offer actual, you know, reasons. A Politico link is not a reason.

Politico isn't just for people who might start out thinking the worst of black Republicans; it's for suckers who want to think the worst. Left-voting suckers and... others.

(In that last case, there's a retraction. Sort-of. What I'd do in a mea-culpa post, which posts I've had to do on occasion, is to question what assumptions caused me to get suckered.)

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