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Monday, November 09, 2015

Jeb: can I get a hell-yeah for killing baby white people?

If it's against potential 'racists', anything is permitted. Literally anything.

The target in question did indeed grow up to become a horrible person. As of - oh - 1923, shooting that guy would have been an act of love, as it were. On topic of the young'ins I'll disclose that I have myself delivered some pro-eugenic and even pro-Sanger comments on this blog (although I still get squicked by that 'A' word).

But am I the only one here bothered about the ethics of smothering an infant in its crib? And why did J.E.B. immediately blurt out "hell yeah" instead of redirecting the questioner to baby Lenin? or baby Gramsci, or baby Adorno?

... yeah, I know the answer to that.

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