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Saturday, November 28, 2015

IQSA writeup

I went on a little road-trip last week. First stop was Atlanta, for the IQSA conference. Second stop was Houston. I'm now back in the Boulder Valley. I'm a little tired.

Here's my liveblog, or near-enough. I'll be adding to this placeholder-post as I think up more impressions.

The biggest impression I got is that IQSA is small. The quality of scholars is high. But this particular conference overlapped with the Society of Biblical Literature and something else called "AAR". Those guys... swamped us. I got a peek at their programme on that last Monday and, oh my - they had page after page of overlapping events, just for 9 AM on Monday. IQSA didn't have anything for that slot (which is how I ended up over at SBL). The same is true for the publishers' exhibition / bookstore: almost everything you could possibly want for the Ancient Near East and the Bible, numbering in the tens of thousands of titles; but about five books relevant to Islam, and none that I ended up buying.

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