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Monday, November 30, 2015


Instapundit: The goal here is to discredit the videos — to be achieved, it seems, simply by calling them “discredited videos,” without doing any, you know, actual discrediting

Andrew Breitbart was "discredited". Judith Curry was "discredited" (h/t, rdbrewer @ AOSHQ).

When you see a mainstream outfit say that something is "discredited", note the passive voice. Then, ask yourself who, exactly, had done the discrediting. Find out for yourself how the discredit was done.

Chances are that it was a Left outfit that wrote the original hit-piece, and that the mainstream outfit had failed to notice any subsequent rebuttals. Fringe articles get laundered through more mainstream media - I've seen Conservatives try this trick too. Once the meme enters your city's main journal, then - hey presto - it's settled.

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