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Monday, November 30, 2015


I happen to be pro-white, but I am not here to argue that black lives don't matter. I very much appreciate what the Nubians, in particular, have done to preserve our civilisation - Coptic and West-Semitic, specifically. (I've frequently been accused of being more exactly pro-olive than pro-white. So be it.) When "Sudan" is returned to the Orthodox Faith, I hope to be first in line to visit the place.

In my capacity as a racial fence-sitter, I must comment on this post, among others, from the "black lives matter" movement. The claim is that we live under "white supremacy" and that this must be torn down.

Stripped of humbug, #BLM aims to reduce the perceived power of whites and to transfer real power to blacks - blacks as vetted and defined by #BLM (no Thomas Sowells for them!). To do so, it strikes against economic activity in Chicago. It seeks out friendly police officers and strikes against them.

#BLM has no interest in dialogue, no interest in police ethics, and no interest in saving lives - even or perhaps especially black lives. #BLM is a Nazi movement in blackface.

It is interesting, in that respect, that #BLM is America's most successful fascist movement. In Weimar Germany, the Brownshirts got away with a lot more than the redshirts did. That was because the German police sided with the browns. If #BLM is getting away with more than - say - the KKK gets away with, that's because the American police brass sides with #BLM.

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