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Monday, November 09, 2015

Ben Carson got religion

Benjamin Carson likes to talk about his violent past. Some parts of the story may or may not check out; his mum verified some of it in the 1990s, but...

Overall I'm getting a handle on Carson's "type".

Carson is the guest speaker at the storefront church. He's the guy who animatedly lays bare his soul, on how bad a person he used to be... before he found true faith. Some details might be embellished. But who cares? It's the Holy Spirit speaking through him!

Given all that: Carson's mediaeval opinions on the pyramids are, indeed, at issue. The man ain't quite right. He's got God inside his head.

So if you're supporting him, and you are yourself wondering about the stances against the Second Amendment, and for the equality of Puerto Rico... know that Carson answers to a higher power. That higher power might not allow him to protect your rights.

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