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Thursday, October 15, 2015

Wild ass burns down shrine

All versions of the Bible, with sura 12, agree: Jacob-named-Israel spawned many sons and at least one daughter (Dinah). One of those sons was Joseph; there were also Benjamin and Judah. The brothers grabbed Joseph and tossed him into a well. Some Midianites, or Ishmaelites - I forget which - pulled him out and brought him to then-Hykso / -Canaanite Lower-Egypt. Joseph got himself into a position of authority and then played head-games with his treacherous brothers, and their father; until all was worked out in the end. Later Joseph spawned Manasseh and Ephraim, patriarchs of the North. Judah and Benjamin are the fathers of the Jews of the south.

This meant that Joseph was the Jews' uncle but not their patriarch. The Samaritans have latched onto that, and so have the Christians and Muslims. They all shared a need for a patriarchal lineage to Abraham that wasn't Jewish (nor Benjaminite, nor Levite nor what have you). But the b'nai Jehuda respect Joseph anyway. Yes Judah helped betray Joseph; but Joseph got his own back, accounts were settled and - later - Judah accepted the refugees of fallen northern Israel.

This is all moot now. Joseph's tomb in Shechem is up in flames.

The sons of Ishmael back then saved Joseph's life. Today, their descendents don't care about the sons of Israel, about any of them. They don't even care about the rhetorical use that could be made of Joseph's memory. They just want to watch the world burn.

My condolences go to the Samaritans tonight; equally to all the other peoples of the Book, and to anyone with any care for history and tradition.

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