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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

When was Christmas chosen?

I've been wondering about Christmas-as-pagan-holiday for some time. Last December, I brought up some primaries: Hippolytus of Rome, d. 235 AD (probably). His commentary on Daniel (in present form) notes 25 December in passing, as if it were obvious to all Christians. Today I've learnt that it wasn't so obvious to Clement of Alexandria, d. 215 AD; that one didn't even mention the 25 December date.

Some commenters are saying that although Hippolytus outlived Clement, he wrote down his commentary with its 25 December date in 204 AD. So, before Clement died.

Was Clement aware of Hippolytus's work? To what extent was he aware of the Roman school of Christianity? To Christians approaching Christmas, these are vital questions!

UPDATE 12/4/2015: It occurs to me that where an Italian - and a north Syrian, etc. - would see the low-point of his year as midwinter, an Egyptian would not. An Egyptian would mark that as the minimum level of the Nile.

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