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Monday, October 05, 2015


Seventy percent? Really?

I have met two people with this inner-ear / vestibular condition, or with something like this, in my forty years on this planet. (I mean, besides fall-down drunks.) I do not wish vestibular vertigo upon anyone. But I'm not seeing that it affects seventy-percent. Seven-percent seems too high.

I am smelling one of those conflict-of-interest thingies again. A horrible disease exists; the sufferers and their friends want Something To Be Done; numbers get inflated and, now, unfortunately, people like me have to call shenanigans on those numbers. (And now we look like assholes because we've raised the flag. Well, fine; I'm an asshole. My point stands.)

Please, please, please, DO help those suffering from this condition where they suffer. Please do donate to charities with a proven record of offering such help. But please do not support anyone who lets slip a crap statistic like this. They have an ulterior motive; they're on the take.

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