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Friday, October 23, 2015

Upload #119 - assigned tasks

"The Musallun" had assigned sura 70 to its sequential place in the Qur'an, between suras 32 and 23. But I hadn't dated sura 23 yet (still haven't). This left sura 70 equally unbounded.

It is time, then, to find any dateable material parallel to sura 70. Over the last couple days I think I've found one: a hadith.

I have now done a project to nail down that hadith and, thereby, sura 70: "Determined Allotments". For the narrow purpose of dating that sura, "The Musallun" is now redundant; but that project still serves to constrain the suras before it. I have updated also "The Ararat Tax".

As a side-note, I finished reading the Tannous thesis pdf (all 652 pages!). I have added some material to "Hanaput of Syria", mostly from a Jacob of Edessa text but for Tannous I wouldn't otherwise have.


UPDATE 10/24: "Basmala". Since we're on the topic of ma'rij.

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