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Saturday, October 17, 2015

Upload #118 - those who pray, don't ask

When I'd first heard of Tannous's thesis, I knew it would have an effect on "Ararat Tax". Now I've read most of it, it hasn't altered my argument; but it has led me to several places there that were... messy. I also found where sura 23 was paralleling sura 70. This DID alter that project's argument.

Before now I hadn't looked into sura 70 very hard. I've generally avoided the smaller suras. Lack of content lowers not only my ability to find any parallels, but also to find any useful content at all. As for larger suras' parallels to so small a sura, I tend to leave it to a footnote.

Sura 70 has proven more interesting than that. First, sura 23's use of vv. 29-35 amounts to an early tafsir on that passage, and perhaps a witness to how early Muslims ("Musalls", technically) were using the whole thing. Also sura 70 itself was adapting sura 32(!), decidedly placing sura 70 to the Marwani era. Moving on to a more selfish reason: sura 70 falls after the scope of Throne of Glass, so I don't have to update that book nor any other projects.

So a project on this is win-win all 'round. Here it is then - "The Musall√Ľn".


UPDATE 10/22: The Throne take on sura 37 employed an idiom ("lord of easts") that sura 70 also used ("lord of easts and wests"). Unfortunately my reference was sloppy and could be taken as an implication that sura 37 used sura 70. I am now claiming that this is impossible. This means that a future edition will have to explain that, as a shared trope. @#$%.

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