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Saturday, October 03, 2015

Upload #117 - an Arabic qur'an

Last weekend I went down to the library and found Mustansir Mir's 1989 classic on Arabic idiom in the Qur'an. That got me thinking about Ahmad al-Jallad's new glossary and grammar of Safaitic: which language he says is Arabic, and which has its own idiomatic turns of phrase. Why not compare one set with the other?

So, new project: "Arabic Influence on the Style of the Koran". I haven't yet used any of this in the mainstream of my projects. But it can, at least, serve as an apologion (if that's a word) for why I'd cited al-Jallad in those projects.

I've additionally taken some changes to "Basmala". Also fixed up: "Against Jihad", "Iconoclast".


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