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Sunday, October 25, 2015

The economic malaise of the Marwanid state

I've been looking into several post-sura-32 suras lately: suras 23, 63, 70 - maybe sura 9 too (haven't looked too hard at that one). I be noticin' a theme. They're all about paying up.

To be sure, these suras each handle the issue differently. Suras 9 and 63 take the nifâq in the cause of God, and run its adherents off the canon. Sura 70 wants a return to sura 51's focus on charity. Sura 23 - well, "@#$% you pay me" wouldn't be too harsh a summary.

Also I'm still tilling this field. I expect others will be tilling the same field, and with more skill.

Still, it's all looking to me like there was an Islam-wide worry, after the deaths of al-Hajjaj and al-Walid. The Muslims worried about money and how, exactly, to be getting that money from other Muslims. Or at least the qurrâ' were expressing that worry, from whom several proposals to alleviate said worry are preserved in our Qur'an.

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