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Sunday, October 04, 2015

Is Ben Carson fair game?

I am not a Constitutional lawyer, but there's an interesting argument between the Holy Land Foundation CAIR and candidate Ben Carson.

As Hamas CAIR pointed out, Ben Carson has his own personal religious test for office. The Constitution bans such tests, but cannot ban an official from making his own hiring decisions that, oops, don't seem to include people of religion "I". This blog hath hosted this very discussion before, last time a black guy ran for the Republican nomination.

The problem with Islam (here) is that the Qur'an singles out a few religions itself. Moreover a practicing Muslim must support the religious test for office. In Sunnism (CAIR is Sunni) only the caliph may command the Believers in offensive war, and it should be exceptionally rare that a non-Muslim may hold a superior position.

Islamist chutzpah aside, CAIR is currently 501c3 which means tax-exempt. They shouldn't be pronouncing on Presidential candidates. They can point out where a candidate is violating the Constitution or other laws. Except... in this case, Carson didn't do that, and hasn't (yet) proposed to. Same as with Cain before him.

In the meantime, the Muslim Brotherhood CAIR's members should consider themselves lucky they are all not deported to Egypt, as they richly deserve.

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