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Thursday, September 17, 2015

"Who would dare to be the first to stop"

Ann Coulter has publicly stated that applause can, at some point, end. The problem is... she said this in the context of Israel and [American] Jews. Ed Driscoll at the worthless PJM site found his opening to DENOUNCE.

Comments like Driscoll's would put Israel and American Jewry in the same position in American Conservatism, as Stalin held in late-1930s Russia; as Solzhenitsyn noted, you are Not Allowed To Be first to sit yourself down.

But that's not really Driscoll's aim. He cares about the lives of Israeli Jews a good deal less than I do; I have "skin in the game", which he doesn't. Something Else Is At Work. And what's at work is that Driscoll is trying to shut down another voice for American nationalism, using the same thuggish tactic. In the meantime he can score some points for himself as being a Righteous Gentile. Now that I think about it, I recall that most of Stalin's "fans" were opportunists themselves.

Speaking as a Zionist as well, I don't want the help of bullies and panderers. I trust such help even less.

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