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Sunday, September 06, 2015

When you become home to refugees

This is going viral:

Syria became home to the refugees who fled the armies of Ibrahim Basha in 1839
Syria became home to the Circassian refugees in 1860
Syria became home to the Armenian refugees in 1914
Syria became home to the Palestinian refugees in 1948
Syria became home once again to Palestinian refugees in 1967
Syria became home to the refugees from Kuwait in 1990
Syria became home to refugees from Lebanon in 1996
Syria became home to the refugees from Iraq in 2003
Syria became home to the refugees from Lebanon in 2006
It will be written in the history books and generations will remember, that Syria never closed it’s borders for those who fled their homes seeking safety and refuge.
Syria has never asked any Arab for a visa to enter it’s lands whether it was a visit or permanent stay.
In Syria not a single tent was put up on the borders to accommodate for refugees across the years, houses were opened, streets were vacated and cities were renamed to allow for refugees to feel at home.
Let it be written in the history books and let the generations remember, that when a Syrian needed help and refuge; borders were closed and the world looked away.

This is supposed to shame us, apparently.

As an aside I must call shenanigans on 1914. As I recall, the Ottomans just dumped Armenians into the middle of the Syrian desert without water or transport. To the degree the Syrians helped, they were Christian Syrians doing the helping - to the degree they even could, since they were suffering from the same genocide. The Arabs didn't care - wasn't their problem.

With that aside, what I see in Syria is how all that Syrian hospitality has worked out for Syria now. Especially from 1990 on.

Once you open your home to refugees, after a certain point you are going to become a refugee yourself. Especially if you open it to Muslims.

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