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Saturday, September 26, 2015

Upload #116 - in the name

Recently I've been made aware of old Orientalist controversies around Q. 17:1. That sent me to re-reading the Noeldeke-commenced Geschichte. You know, that textbook that took at least five Krauts nearly a century to finish... Anyway, as you might know, I immediately thought that Q. 17:1 might be a basmala - not a verse.

In my other projects I noticed that "Blast", "Women", and "TSM" had separate discussions on early basmala. Further findings bled into the two books. It wasn't easy to keep track of what I'd said and where. My problem then was that I wasn't able to make a publon of it. Now, thanks to Noeldeke, I think I can.

So: new PDF, "The Furthest Basmala". Those aforementioned essays now point thither.

As luck would have it, Noeldeke revealed to me a whole new sura! Well, a couplet of a sura anyway - whose second verse is identical to Q. 32:17. So that meant a near-rewrite of "Qudsi".

Also fixed up: "Jihad", "Smoke", "Ethics", "Dispute", "Focus", "Spenders", "Interceding".


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