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Saturday, September 12, 2015

Upload #115 - hey small spender

Sura 63 concerns the Munafiq. It means hypocrite now but its initial sense was remembered, by that sura anyway, to refer to those who sinned at spending. The Qur'an has a problem with people spending instead of fighting, and its later suras - I believe - concentrate more on their not spending enough.

I posted a project wayyy back in 2010 titled "Sura 58’s Conspiracy Against The Faith". As usual it came out of stuff I'd been poking at since 2004. At the same time I was hoping to do something with sura 63, which shares some language with sura 58 and with sura 9 besides. Sura 63 was also interesting in that it seems to start with a deformation of the Muslim shahada.

But I couldn't get that Sura 63 project to work, so it stayed in the "geniza". Today I wrote a new one, starting over. At the end I pulled across the chapters I needed - the "shahada" chapter mostly. "The Spenders in Hypocrisy", I call it all now.

UPDATE 9/13/2015: last night I picked up "Caesarea" again; I decided it needed some clarifications.


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