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Wednesday, September 09, 2015

Upload #114 - back to the well

Throne of Glass is back and, with that, "Retrieval of Joseph" has now left the site.

I've hinted at it before, but bear with me here. "Retrieval of Joseph" was like "Interceding with God" - a footnote, to what I was trying to do with sura 6. I'd kept running into 6/12 parallels like I ran into 6/39 parallels. Eventually there accumulated so many parallels in each set that I had to write new projects for both. As with sura 39 I didn't spend much time on sura 12 for its own sake.

I did at least know that sura 28 had used sura 12. So for sura 12 I just surmised, probably-Mu'awiya. Last December I wondered, maybe-'Abd al-'Aziz.

The problem with either choice of caliph was an annoying gap between sura 6, which I'd always thought belonged to 'Uthman; and sura 28, which I'd always known belonged to a rebel against al-Hajjaj (I thought 28 was Shi'ite back in '10, but now - well, read the book). If 12 was early, why wasn't anyone early quoting from it? If late, why didn't it quote from (say) suras 7 and/or 14?

That sura 6 project was done, at last, during last winter's project-season. This summer, I figured, was a nice time to look at "Joseph" again - it's hot outside, I don't have to think too hard, I can just grunt through word-searches and leaf through those old books. And then I found some powerful new links, and connections to additional suras - sura 7 among them, probably 14 too.

Over the past month (since the 9 August upload), I've also found material relevant to "Parodies", "Cross", "Interceding", "Addition". And, since we've touched on them, "Culture" and "Heaven". "Reformer" got a tweak too.


ASIDE 1/19/2016: Figured out sura 39 too.

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