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Thursday, September 10, 2015

The reason Conservatives hate Snopes

Snopes is Left. Snopes does, too often, cover for Left bullshit. And Snopes've done it for over a decade.

But Conservatives have produced bullshit of their own: at least since the reactionary Jews forged the books of Enoch and Jubilees, and the same sort of Christian forged the Apocalyse of Peter. (I am too polite to mention Daniel and the Pastorals in this family blog.)

Recently I have run across PatriotGalNC: "The militant Muslim is the person who beheads the infidel, while the moderate Muslim holds the feet of the victim". --Marco Polo The comment got twelve updings from people who smugly agreed with that Appeal To Authority. A commenter then dropped in to note that Snopes couldn't find it. Two more commenters lambasted that commenter... not for being wrong, but for referring to Snopes.

I challenge any reader of this blog, or any reader of this post if this blog is too much for you, to give me the primary source for this "Marco Polo" hadith as PatriotGalNC has related it. Italian and Latin readers would be best-situated for this task. Personally I doubt that mediaeval thinkers even had the mental language for "moderate Muslim". A humanist like Averroes or Erasmus might argue for moderation in his own religion; a controversialist like Bar Salibi could certainly argue that all Islam was false. But (as far as I know) nobody made points about Islam being less "moderate" than Christianity. Marco Polo certainly didn't! The whole concept of relative "moderation" in faith being a virtue was alien to Marco Polo's world.

But enough of that. Back to Snopes and why Conservatives resent it.

When the Internets were first getting started for us proles, in the mid-to-late 1990s, the tubes en route to my modem were constantly getting clogged with Christian spam: mostly involving "quotes" from the Founding-Fathers. It has been a longstanding project by Conservatives to enlist deists like Thomas Jefferson into modern Southern-Baptist orthodoxy. In the 1990s, the stuff that used to get passed around church-bulletins in the back-country now ended up in my email. The subtext was that if you didn't run to your nearest warehouse church and get borned again, you weren't a true 'Merican and you didn't belong here.

Then sites like FakeHistory and Snopes came online and the emails stopped. Funny how that worked out. Such the Catholics could have told them: if one associates a claim with a movement, and the claim is proven a falsehood, the movement is cast into doubt. A lot of emailers and true-believers were left looking very silly, that a Left front like Snopes was so easily able to prove their claims wrong - based on wishful-thinking and, as we have established here, on fraud. The Conservatives can never forgive Snopes for that.

Now - thank Nature-and-Nature's-God - we have the Neo-Reaction. Now we have a Right alternative that is based on empirical sociology, and on real texts - including mediaeval texts. And part of those facts to which we are now all privy is, that the Founding Fathers were not Tories. (Exceptions apply.) As for the Middle Ages, those most involved in interreligious dialogue didn't waste time whining about how the other guys were so much more mean.

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