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Friday, September 18, 2015

Question to our most philosemitic candidates

When you promise to move the embassy to Jerusalem, which I know you will, because you all do that -

- Are you going to couple this with a, you know, plan? As in: here's when we buy the property, here's the week we get it ready, then the week when we'll start shredding papers and/or moving them under guard; official inauguration to be in May 2019.

Are you and your running mate going to pledge to resign the office and let President Boehner take over if the schedule slips too far?

If not, then STFU about your love for Israel and the Jews.

APPENDIX: Ooh, I have another question! I hope this gets asked at some point during the next debates -

Israel has held the whole of Jerusalem and secured the surrounding area since 1968 - roughly; give-or-take. We're pretty sure you're going to promise to move the embassy during the campaign. What would it take for you not to keep this promise?

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