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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Proposal for private charities

Employees of the government are mamluks, not employees as we civilians understand them. Whatever they get is given them by a vast armed gang. Their customers aren't us civilians; their customers are the party in power.

Meanwhile charities compete against other charities just like businesses compete against other businesses: some might be more deserving than others, depending on the donor's preference. In general, State-directed funds that go to a service that private actors can provide, crowd out individuals' funds that could otherwise go to those private actors.

Those charities which accept donations from government mamluks have taken those donations, second-hand, from us. Maybe we would have supported those charities ourselves. What we can say is that those charities are in unfair competition with non-State charities.

It should be a law that charities - for tax purposes - refuse donations from State employees.

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